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Supervised Visitation

What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised Visitation is a form of visitation in which an adult supervisor must be present when a child is visiting with their noncustodial parent. Supervised visitations are conducted onsite for observed, facilitated, reunification, alleged or confirmed sexual abuse, domestic violence and flight-risk potential clients.  Off-site visitation is not offered.

What is a Supervised Exchange?

Supervised Exchanges, sometimes referred to as a “Safe Exchange”, is supervision of the transfer of the child from one parent to the other. Supervision is limited to the exchange or transfer only with the remainder of the parent/child contact remaining unsupervised. The purpose is to assure that the two parents or other individuals exchanging the child do not come into contact with one another.

What is Therapeutic Visitation?

A therapeutic visit is where a licensed therapist is the person supervising the visit. The therapist interacts with the family prior to, during, and after the visit to mend and heal the parent-child relationship. The therapist provides guidance to the parent on bonding and nurturing techniques, child development, and typical child behaviors. The parent can then practice the new skills during the visit while the therapist provides coaching and feedback.

Intake Assessment for Visitation Services:

The purpose of the intake is to provide the rules of the program and to complete assessment documentation.  The communication during the assessment ensures a healthy understanding the purpose, level of participation and expectations during the supervised visits.  Both the custodial and non-custodial parents meet with the visitation staff on an individual basis.  The staff may meet with the children as well; depending on their age and developmental status.